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Vickie Palmos is by far the best realtor I have worked with.
After working with several relators I purchased my first property with her and her patience and perseverance was incredible. Buying a property is a big commitment and most realtors want you to make a rapid decision. Vickie showed me multiple places – in order to make sure that the place I purchased was the right one for me. She is a hardworking and caring realtor who I would recommend to any buyer at any level. She is up to date with the technology and her experience is top notch.She knows the market and its fluctuations Vickie is a true ace in the business.

Highly recommended. about 3 years ago, we were very actively looking for an investment property in Astoria. We reached out to tons of brokers and Vickie was the one (buyers agent) that helped us find an excellent investment; wonderful new condo building very near subway. It is hard to believe how she got us a great deal in an extremely competitive market in a condo (in hindsight looking back 3-yrs later, she has made us a a lot of $$ on the investment). And to think we almost backed out of the deal, but Vickie really knows best. She has helped us rent our apt twice already with excellent tenants. Reliable, persistent, looks out for your best interest. Vickie is a relationship realtor. I would use Vickie again in a heart beat.

I've used Vickie both as buyers agent and now as my leasing agent to lease my 1 bedroom condo. Her knowledge of the Astoria marketplace is impressive and she has been able to strike a nice balance between myself and tenants during the leasing process. I bombard her with questions and she always answers quickly

Vickie was my broker when I bought my first apartment in NYC in 2009. Her expertise on the market was stunning (I focused my search on Astoria) and she went out of her way to adjust her schedule to mine (showing me apartments even at night), never displaying any impatience, even when I requested multiple return visits to the same place. The search ended with the successful and easy purchase of what truly was my perfect condo apartment.By 2013 I had moved away from NYC but could once again rely on Vickie, this time to help me rent out my apartment: first renting it on a monthly basis and now long-term. All the tenants she found me were first-class, serious, clean, and punctual payers. She embraced my tenant-wishlist, finding me all smoke-free, pet-free, and trouble-free renters.

Now, in early 2016, I am thinking of once again returning to the city and I am making sure to have Vickie at my side: She just dedicated an entire week to showing me promising places (condos and co-ops) all over Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan. Always patient, always competent, always forthcoming with insider knowledge, recommendations, warnings and suggestions. After this week I have settled on three ideal places and am feeling very confident for having an expert like Vickie at my side for the upcoming bidding and purchasing process. I cannot recommend Vickie Palmos highly enough! Her dedication, professionalism and expertise are, in my opinion, unrivaled

I had the pleasure of working with Vickie at the end of the summer this year. Vickie helped me and my girlfriend find our very first apartment together. After visiting other apartments that were supposedly "new construction" and "very spacious" with other brokers who were only concerned about a commission we fortunately came across Vickies' number. Vickie took time to learn about us and what we wanted in our first apartment together. Vickie only took us to apartments that fit the criteria that we set forth and at no time was she pushy or insensitive to our opinions or questions. Thanks to Vickie we found a perfect apartment in a brand new building for the price that we wanted. Of all the brokers that I have worked with in Astoria, Vickie is the most honest, cheerful, and hard working that I have met

ELVIS LIVES! - Vickie knows the NYC market like no other agent we worked with. She worked with us over a period of 2+ years in search of a multi family. In the end it was apparent that we couldn't find what we needed in the area that we were looking. However, Vickie continued to try and help whenever we asked, all in the belief that a transaction would happen. Any other agent would have dumped us a long time ago. We did find a multi family completely out of Vickie's market, and asked her to sell our condo in Astoria. When she told us the price she wanted to list it, we were convinced it was way to high and that it wouldn't happen. Vickie not only sold it in 2 weeks, she garnered an offer for THOUSANDS over the asking price! No matter your need, call Vickie. She is patient, responsive and honest - Cole & Sashi Racho

Vickie recently helped me sell my rental property. She was professional and engaged from the get-go, and worked hard to get me the price I wanted. Through a complicated process, she continued working hard to get everything to closing as soon as possible, and served as a central contact point for multiple parties. A+ ……. Jen on the sale of 23-17 30th Drive, Astoria, NY

My wife and I recently contracted Vickie to rent our Astoria condo for us. She came highly recommended and did not disappoint. She showed up on time for all appointments, her photographer was professional and thorough, and contrary to a few poor reviews, she has always responded to calls/texts/emails in a timely manner. She had our property online and advertised in a matter of days. It took less than a month and she got it rented for us; to highly qualified tenants. We would definitely recommend her and plan to use her services again when the time comes.

Vickie is amazing!! Before using Vickie we dealt with two other real estate agents. They both said they wanted the best for us but they didn't really care about me and my family. Vickie was excellent!!! Told her exactly what I wanted and what my budget was. She worked with me and showed me only thinks I could affords. Other agents never listens to that. She was so respectful and knowledgeable about every aspect in real estate. After searching so long for a home, Vickie found it for us right away. I was very pleased with her work and I highly recommend her all my friends and family. The world needs more real estate agents like her!!!!

Vickie Palmos is a sweet and patient agent that is determined to get you the home you want. She helped us look for our first home for many months. She never gave up and kept showing us house after house. Finally, after almost a year of looking, she notified us of a new house that had just come on the market that morning. We were the first ones to see it and wanted the house badly. Unfortunately it was $100,000 over our budget, but, Vickie moved quickly and did everything in her power to get us the house, she even got the seller to come down $50,000! We were in contract within two days! Bottom line is Vickie is an agent that is dedicated to her clients and will go above and beyond to make them happy.

I would highly recommend Vickie Palmos to anyone looking for an experienced, hard working and honest realtor. She sold our home in Whitestone and she made the process very stress free. We felt that she looked out for our interests first and wasn't looking for that quick sale. She respected our home and even mopped the floors after a very messy open house due to a storm. We were involved in the negotiations and sometimes a tad demanding, but we worked together as a team and were all satisfied with the outcome. We are very grateful for all her time and help

Even though Ms. Palmos was not the agent who found the condo I finally bought, she showed me many options and when I did finally find a property that was not listed via her office, she put me in contact with a great mortgage broker who helped me find a way to get the condo I really wanted.

My experience working with Vickie Palmos was very impressive. I found one of her listings online and texted her immediately to which she replied back within an hour (from GREECE!!!) explaining when she would return to show the place and if that wasn't soon enough for my timeline, she would make arrangements for me to get in. Vickie is a real professional, in additional to being an absolute sweetheart. She knows the local area and she is quick to match her listings up with the appropriate candidates. She found me my dream apartment and I couldn't be happier! I will recommend Vickie to anyone looking to rent in the Astoria, Queens area.

Vicki has been our go-to agent in the the Astoria area. She knows her business, is a tireless negotiator and has an impressive professional network in the area. Vicki is wonderful to work with as she has learned our tastes and needs which makes the process go incredibly smoothly. I believe Vicki's goal is for my wife and I to find a home we will be happy in, the rest is all details

Vickie saw me for over a year and was very patient with how particular and indecisive I was, always took my calls or answered back asap. I was honestly concerned I would tire her out for showing me place after place. I didn't find what i my husband and I wanted exactly yet, but we are getting so close and I would never go to anyone else. Yes, she is a bit stern, but she is honest and matter of fact, and i see this as a GOOD quality. I don't want someone being sugary sweet and not upfront. She negotiated deals with lenders for us, and treated us with respect. I highly recommend her and thank my friend who told me to go to her. Vickie, this will be the year we find the right home for Josh and I! Thank you for being so wonderful and patient!

I used Ms Palmos and she made buying a condo in Astoria very easy. She was very knowledgeable and professional. She made it very easy for us to purchase our very first condo and we recommend her to friends all the time.

Good Afternoon Mr. D’Ambrosio,

I am contacting you today to discuss what a pleasure it has been working with your agent, Vicky Palmos. It seems that as the years go on customer service and respect for a professional’s clients have become a thing of the past. Throughout my real estate endeavors I have dealt with many different agents, often times I was given an impression that working with me was hassle, and not an opportunity. I generally felt that most were disinterested, rude and impossible to contact. In my opinion Vicky is the exception to this rule, she has been the epitome of professionalism, dedication and class. Anything I need, she does her best to help however she can. As we become more and more reliant on technology to accomplish most things, human interactions and customer service are marginalized. Why even bother dealing with an agent when you can find what you are looking for by performing a Google search and sending an email? Although I am 29 years old and grew up in this age of technology, I never shared this mindset. I have always valued the importance of working with a knowledgeable professional in any field. My experience with most real estate agents has truly shaken this belief, but Vicky has restored my faith. She is a wonderful person and I can tell she truly cares about her clients. This is why I will be sure to refer her whenever possible going forward. I wanted to reach out to you because I felt her hard-work deserved to be commended, she is truly a valuable asset to Douglas Elliman Realty. Unfortunately, due to very limited inventory my condo search continues, but I have confidence that I am in good hands with Vicky and your agency. I thank you very much for your time and wish you all the best.


Joseph Nacinovich

From Developer Josh Greisman, The Luxe

Everyone seemed so negative with our project.“Location is not perfect...Bedrooms are too small….Pricing is too high!....etc.”

Then came along Ms. Palmos.Like a breath of fresh air she worked with what we had and never hesitated promoting our development. I remember her words exactly:“there’s a buyer for everything”.

Her hard work showed, with qualified deals almost immediately. Never had I saw evening open houses before we met her.We were pleasantly surprised! Her team performed exactly as promised.

Vickie shines among the real estate agent pack while tirelessly accommodating buyers schedules and consistently meeting our expectations with a work ethic that matches no other brokers.

I would not hesitate to use her services again and would recommend her without hesitation.

Very Truly Yours,

Josh Greisman

From Christine Haughney writer for the New York Times: HI Vickie:

I just received an email from a reader in Tokyo who said "This was an absolutely great article and I sent pieces of it to my sales force for motivation. I would hire than woman in heartbeat."




in response to http://www.nytimes.com/2010/05/18/nyregion/18appraisal.html



Darlene and myself would just like to thank you so much for all your help during our purchase.

We think we would have been at least another 6-9 months looking if we had not met you.

I will pass your name and contact info to anyone who is looking to buy or rent in Astoria in the future.

We wish you all the best in the future and hope you have a happy 2011.


We have had a great experience working with Vickie. She is so easy going with us in terms of never putting any pressure on us to buy. It is her understanding that the decision to buy a home is not like picking out a pair of shoes, that it has weight. She is very attentive and friendly and she is always available to answer any question we have. The most amazing thing she has done is calling us from Greece when our deal was falling through. She helped to get everything squared away and it is completely due to her efforts that we are in contract for our first condo. Thanks Vickie!


 It is more than symbolic that my first Yelp review should be for Vickie, because it is thanks to her that I am in the position to explore what is to me the most exciting, crazy, and intense city in the world – New York – all the while knowing that once I am exhausted I can return to my dream-home, rest, and brace myself for the next day of craziness and adventure in the city. It is thanks to Vickie that I found an apartment that I can really consider my definite home. Having already lived in Astoria for six years as a renter, I knew that I would never want to leave that neighborhood. This awareness made me decide to begin looking for my perfect condo six months ago. My luck had it that Vickie was the first agent I met in the first condo that I went to see – she has been my one and only real-estate agent ever since, until I found the condo of my dreams four months later. It never even crossed my mind to reach out to another agent, because Vickie knew Astoria and Astoria’s housing market inside out. This does not just include her proper portfolio of condos, but also apartments that were offered by other agents and even condos that were not yet officially on the market! Vickie immediately understood my very specific requirements for an apartment – I wanted it to be warm, personal, quiet, private, full of light, intimate, somewhat European – and never wasted anybody’s time by dragging me to condos that did not fit these criteria. While I was in no rush to buy, I could rely on her alerting me throughout the four months by phone whenever she had a new suggestion or had heard of a new vacancy or building, without ever being pushy. What’s more, she was willing to accommodate my difficult time schedule by showing me condos not just on week-ends but also on many evenings and often upon shortest notice of mine. Throughout the process of finding my dream place, I felt she was a partner at my side, understanding exactly my needs, and always working in my best interest. When I ultimately found my dream apartment, she recommended to me an equally superb condo lawyer and kept watching over the whole process. I have lived in my apartment for the past few weeks, and there is not one day when I don’t remember my incredible luck in having found my home – well, not just luck: it was hard work – not for me, but for Vickie to whom I owe my thanks.


I cannot say enough about Vickie. From start to closing Vickie was there and always available to guide and ease me through the process of buying my condo. I cannot thank her enough for turning what could have been a 3 month headache into an efficient process. Even through the mortgage process Vickie was there to ease my nerves. let's face it, today, getting a mortgage can be painful; the brokers have their job, the owners have their investments. You will be happy to have someone like Vickie on your team when it comes to putting information into straight forward, black and white terms and getting the job done.



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